Our Staff

Need to contact your Teacher? 

Here is a list of the current Teachers and their email address:

Aldred, Amy

[email protected] 
Andersen, Julia
[email protected]
Ardern, Jill [email protected]
Ardern, Taigan  [email protected]
Birchard, Jeff [email protected]
Blancher, Kae [email protected]
Bonsall, Adam [email protected]
Bonsall, Jody [email protected]
Brinkman, David [email protected]
Brooks, Pam [email protected]
Campeau, Matthew [email protected]
Chmay, Carol [email protected]
Chowen, Sam chowensl@limestone.on.ca
Collard, Todd [email protected]
Dewey, Sarah [email protected]
Dunham, Mark [email protected]
Fisher, Lindsay [email protected]
Fumerton, Jesse [email protected]
Gorzen, Jan [email protected]
Hale, Devon [email protected]
Harpell, Bradley h[email protected]
Hart, Kaitlyn [email protected]
Hartwick, Michael [email protected]
Harvey, Jon [email protected]
Heaton, Brian [email protected]
Helsby, Amy [email protected]
Hubble, Steacy [email protected]
Kearns, Ryan [email protected]
Kelly, Amelia [email protected]
Kelsey, Shalane [email protected]
Kinney, Kristen [email protected]
Lalonde, Allan [email protected]
Leroux, Robyn-Michelle [email protected]
Latourell, Amanda [email protected]
Mair, Becky [email protected]
Marriott, Susan [email protected]
Martin, Benjamin [email protected]
Mason, Nathan [email protected]
McAneney, Shannon [email protected]
McGowan, Lisa [email protected]
Miller, Chad [email protected]
Mills, Brent [email protected]
Morrow, Nicole [email protected]
Newstead, Michael [email protected]
Noble, Nick [email protected]
Oster, Glen [email protected]
Paupst, Wesley [email protected]
Roantree, Stephen [email protected]
Rodrigues, Amanda [email protected] 
Satnik, Marcy [email protected]
Savage, Nancy [email protected]
Stewart, Andreanne [email protected]
Stinson, Heather [email protected]
Van Der Heyden, Frances [email protected]
Van Hoek, Kelly [email protected]
Virgo, Marc [email protected]
Walker, Brooke [email protected]
Walker, Kevin [email protected]
Walker, Krista [email protected]
Williams, Logan [email protected]
Wilson, Aron [email protected]
Wood, Jennifer [email protected]
Yanaky, Nancy [email protected]