Our Staff

Need to contact your Teacher? 

Here is a list of the current Teachers and their email address:

Abramczuk, Barbara
Andrecyk, Adam
Ardern, Jill
Birchard, Jeff
Bonsall, Adam
Bonsall, Jody
Bovard, Candice
Brinkman, David
Campeau, Matthew
Chmay, Carol
Collard, Todd
Donnan, Tiffiny
Dunham, Mark
Gray, Michelle
Hale, Devon
Hartwick, Michael
Heaton, Brian
Helsby, Amy
Hubble, Steacy
Kearns, Ryan
Kelsey, Shalane
Kiley, Rob
Kinney, Kristen
Kutluoglu, Tyler
LeBlanc, Francine
Marriott, Susan
Mason, Nathan
McCrudden, Michaela
McGowan, Lisa
Miller, Chad
Miller, Michele
Mills, Brent
Moore, Carrie
Morrow, Nicole
Newstead, Michael
Noble, Nick
Oster, Glen
Paddle-Grant, Deborah
Pardy, Christine
Paupst, Wesley
Rodriguez, Amanda
Roantree, Stephen
Rose, Lisa
Rowden, Dylan
Satnik, Marcy
Savage, Nancy
Sheffield, Daryl
Shibley, Chris
Sindall, Craig
Slate, Ali
Steele, Calum
Stewart, David
Taylor, Lisa
Van Der Heyden, Frances
Van Hoek, Kelly
Virgo, Marc
Walker, Kevin
Walker, Krista
Wand, Anna
Wilson, Aron
Wood, Jennifer
Yanaky, Nancy