Exam Schedules

Please review the following important information in advance of our upcoming Semester 1 Exams.

 Semester 1 2022-23 Exam Schedule UPDATE.pdf


  • The examination period runs from Thursday, January 26th to Wednesday, February 1st.
  • February 2nd is the inclement weather day for the exam period. In the event of an inclement weather day, all exams from that day will be moved to February 2nd. 
  • February 3rd is a PA Day and Semester 2 begins on Monday, February 6th.


Exam Day Specifics:

  • Students must attend exams as scheduled. If you have an exam conflict (ie. 2 exams scheduled at the same time or 3 exams in 24 hours), connect with a member of Administration by end of day Monday, January 24th to make alternate arrangements.
  • Students should only attend school if they have a scheduled exam or scheduled meeting with a teacher.
  • Buses will run as normal throughout the exam period. There is no mid-day bus.
  • Students are not permitted to wander the halls during the exam period. All students must be either in their scheduled exam, in the cafeteria or in the library.
  • Senior exams are 2 hours in length and junior exams are 1.5 hours in length. All students must remain in the examination room for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Morning exams begin at 8:30am. Afternoon exams begin at 12:00pm. Students should arrive to their exam location 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam.
  • Only materials specified by your teacher will be permitted in the examination locations.
  • No cell phones or smart watches will be permitted in examination locations. Please leave all belongings in your locker during your exam.