Opting-In/Opting-Out of Virtual School

Opting-In/Opting-Our of Virtual School
Posted on 09/22/2020
Opting in and out of virtual school

Opting-In/Opting-Out of Virtual School

NDSS students enrolled in the LDSB Virtual School may request to opt-in to face-to-face learning or, students at the NDSS site may request to opt-out of face-to-face learning in favour of remote learning. In either case, students will be permitted to transition conditional upon spaces available in courses at either site.

Please Note:

1. Timing is critical, regardless of which way a student wishes to transition. Movement between NDSS and the Virtual School can ONLY happen PRIOR to the start of each Session as per the dates outlined by LDSB. *The final date to request a move for Session 4 is Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 by 2:30.

2. When a student transitions from one school to the other, they will lose their entire timetable at the location they are leaving.

3. Any student movement must be approved by a parent or guardian.


In order to request a transition, please first contact the grade-appropriate NDSS Vice Principal:

Grade 9 or 11 students - Carrie Moore, mooreca@limestone.on.ca

Grade 10 or 12 students - Tiffiny Donnan, donnant@limestone.on.ca