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The Hidden Greed

His hand closed on the doorknob to the chapel. Louis always opened the church alone, and he used this time to make a private prayer to God for strength. He was always watching over His subjects, the Church had told Brother Louis, and if he needed His eye for one time in his life, it was now. Getting up off of his knees, Brother Louis went to light the candelabra in the middle of the chapel. As he stood, the unfinished wood of the new pew cut his finger, and a drop of blood hit the ground. Yelping with surprise, Brother Louis inspected the hand, but finding no splinter, simply put his finger to his lips and sucked on the wound in that, the oldest of remedies. Louis moved on, gave a cursory glance to the dim room, and pocketed the small, golden candlestick. He had a running collection of these, as he couldn’t find someone to sell them to, and had been thieving them from the church for over 20 years. Every day, something went missing, and that stupid Reverend never suspected a thing. He just shook his head at the sin of “those poor children” and moved on. Having a private chuckle at the man’s expense, Louis finished his daily duties. Letting himself relax for a while, he sipped at the chai tea he’d recently acquired from a parishioner, he watched the first religious “dogs” (as he thought of them) stumble into the church in their Sunday best.
        Eventually, the Reverend wandered in, with the air of a man not sure where he was going, but sure he had to get there.
        Brother Louis stood, and greeting him said, “Ah, good morning to you Reverend, hope you are well?”
        “Um, yes, in fact I feel good today. How are you Brother?”
        Internally shaking his head at the stupidity of the man, Louis replied, “I’m well, Reverend. Ready for today’s service?”
        The reverend looked around. “I’m always ready to serve my Lord. Shall we?”
        “Please.” Always ready to serve the Lord? Oh please, what kind of man says that? Such religious passion. He smirked, but managed to hold his demeanor. Oh I’m going to have fun with this man for years to come. Ready Reverend?  

by Logan Yntema

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2016
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