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                Su-Mei Looks Beyond

        On one particularly cloudy summer day Su-Mei left the village of Wyrm-Sakeh to climb the nearby Misty Mountain. He had been filled up with the sudden and inexplicable urge to see what lay beyond his village. He had formulated several theories as to why he had developed this desire; perhaps it was the dreams of something out in the dust lands drifting closer to the village, perhaps it was youthful rebellion, perhaps he was just tired of eating live squid. Regardless of the reason, he was going to scale the mountain and see what lay beyond.
        He began walking down the path to the Misty Mountain past the lake that shone in the early morning sun like a mirror reflecting the harsh rays. The children of the village followed Su-Mei as he walked, asking him questions about where he was going and why he was going there. Su-Mei answered truthfully as he did not want to offend, yet the children found the answers he gave to be both bizarre and insulting. Eventually they all abandoned him as they became fed up with his stoic answers. For a while he enjoyed the loneliness but eventually he became sad as he had no one to pass the time with while he walked.
        After two hours of straight trekking he reached the edge of the Thorned Plains which surrounded the base of the Misty Mountain. It was there that he met a raven who looked at him as if he were a small child wandering around without a mother.
        “Who are you?” it croaked.
        “My name is Su-Mei, I’m from the village,” he said.
        “What do you want in these thorny fields? Don’t you know you will find naught but pain here?” the bird said.
        He grinned at the bird and said; “No, you see I’m just passing through so that I may reach the Misty Mountain, I need to see what lies beyond for a plethora of reasons, many of which I’m not certain about.” The bird shook its head but grinned.
        “Oh alright young one, your quest is noble enough. Please allow me to direct you to a place where the thorns are particularly thin so that you can avoid tearing your skin too much.” The bird led him to a place where the thorn vines were particularly wilted. He thanked the bird and crawled through. While it was true that the vines somewhat ripped into his skin, leaving scrapes all over his body, it was also clear to Su-Mei that this was his easiest way up the Misty Mountain as he saw many small animals trapped in the thorns of the thicker parts of the Thorned Plains around him. Eventually he reached the base of the mountain where no more thorns grew.
        He looked up at his goal. The higher the mountain rose the thicker the mist grew. It looked a lot smaller from the village thought Su-Mei a little disheartened, but he digressed; oh well, I’ve come this far, I might as well finish what I started. So he began climbing. Near the base of the mountain were green sycamore trees that breathed out blue mist as Su-Mei walked by. There were tales in his village that they were the guardian spirits of Wyrm-Sakeh who kept bad men from finding the village. Su-Mei doubted this as a fact because they didn’t seem very lively or talkative as he imagined guardians would be so he paid them little mind. Eventually he reached the top of the mountain; the mist was so thick that he was tempted to cut out a piece to take home. He made a small fire, along with a makeshift shelter from branches and stones. He gathered some fruit from the few trees that managed to grow at that altitude and found a small stream to drink from. After three days and three nights of resting atop the mountain he was finally prepared to look beyond. He stood at the highest point he could find and opened his eyes as wide as he could. He looked out into the Mistlands beyond the mountain and saw…

by Kerr

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