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“How dare she disrespect me,” James could feel hatred course through his veins as he glared at Julie as if he was trying to burn her from the inside out. He clenched his fist as he took a couple of steps until he was in reach.
        “Honey, please, I’m sorry.”
        His hand was already in motion before she finished her sentence and he smacked her, knocking her to the ground. James felt a sense of satisfaction run through his body like a high. He loved when Julie gave him a reason to correct her. Looking at her on the floor made him grind his teeth. “Look at how pathetic she is,” he thought as he kicked her so she would fall on her back. She began to weep hysterically. “Why is she still crying?” he thought.
        “Slapping doesn’t bruise. I was being generous so you could work tomorrow!” he roared as he got down on his knees, one on both sides of her as he wrapped his hands around her neck. He didn’t squeeze yet; he liked the feeling of a few breaths squeeze through his tight grasp. He then began to apply pressure until he could feel the muscles in her throat jerk and spasm as her eyes widen. “This will calm her down,” he thought as his body rushed with adrenalin and pure satisfaction. As her eyes began to close he could feel her body relax and her hands dropped. He then released her and sighed, “I could use a nap too.” Then he headed upstairs.

        When he pried open his heavy eyes, he rolled over to see the other side of the bed was empty. “Such a good girl to know to sleep on the couch after being bad,” he thought as his feet hit the floor.
He went into the kitchen and stopped in mid step, “That lazy a__ b____ didn’t make me my coffee.” He didn’t feel like correcting her first thing in the morning. “But how dare she have the audacity to be so ignorant and immature,” he snarled as he headed towards the couch. When he walked in, the couch was empty. He began to laugh out of pure rage. “You b____, think you can hide from me!”
        He then proceeded to the room which contained the scene from last night’s fight and saw her where he left her. Her skin was pale, her eyelids and lips where blue. His heart began to race, “This isn’t funny,” he said as he walked towards her. “If this is your way of getting back, that’s real mature!” He bent down and placed his hand on her face and it was cold. “This is not funny!” he yelled at the top of his lungs as tears began to stream down his face. “I’m sorry,” he said as he went on his knees, “I’m so sorry.”

by Madelaine Gault

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2016
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