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Hidden Depths

Outside, I am exuberant
Filled with laughs and smiles for the world
To see, and assume that I’m well
Enough to be satisfied with
Life, and that nothing gets me down

Inside, I am a wreck, full of
Anxiety, and sadness, but
I hide it, no one would get it
If they knew, how I really felt
At all times, struggles are present

People think I’m carefree but I’m
Anything but, the world frightens
And within myself lies the true
Monster, self doubt, anxiety
No one would understand

They would say, just think positive
Get over it, what do you have to
Be sad about, think about the
People in North Korean camps
They get to be sad, not you

I hide myself from the world to
Keep up appearances, happy
Be happy I say, you don’t need
Help, stay strong, ignore it, don’t show
Weakness, hide, that’s what people want

by Oullet

Last Modified: Feb 24, 2016
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