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LDSB Strategic Plan
Limestone unveils new strategic priorities - Wellness, Innovation & Collaboration
The Limestone District School Board has spent the past year focused on developing a new strategic plan to help guide our work over the next five years and address the unique and changing needs of all of our students and school communities.

Using our new vision – As a community of engaged and innovative learners everyone achieves success and well-being – as our compass, we sought input from all of our stakeholders during an extensive and dynamic consultation process that reached more people than ever before. Together, with your input and that of students, staff, community partners and our broader school communities, Trustees and Senior Staff have developed a plan that empowers students and staff to reach their full potential while supporting their emotional, mental and physical needs.

Our strategic plan is focused on three pillars – Wellness, Innovation and Collaboration – that will underpin everything we do. By putting Wellness first; by turning Innovation into action; and being committed to Collaboration, we will support, nurture and enhance student achievement, and student and staff well-being.

You can learn more about our journey by watching ashort video and/ visiting our new strategic plan website where we will share our progress and our stories of Wellness, Innovation and Collaboration. We also encourage students, families, staff, partners and broader school communities to get involved and share how you see our pillars in action in our schools. You can learn how to do this on the website.

We hope you take a few minutes to see how we’re working together to have everyone see themselves in Limestone.