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Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Teacher Choice Tuesday Song: Forever Young by Rod Stewart chosen by Mrs. Fraser.


Now for a look at NDSS breaking news!


Ø    This message is to all athletes with a sports locker. Please clean out your locker today and return the lock to Ms. Ardern.


Ø    Could all grade 11 immersion students please report to D11 immediately following announcements.

Ø    Jazz Band rehearses today at 12:30 sharp in C14.

Ø    Calling all Hawk Helpers, if you were a Hawk Helper at the Grade 8 Assembly in May and want to see the students again, as Grade 9's in September, see Mrs. Brown in People Place today to sign up to help the Grade 9 orientation morning. If you are a Hawk Helper who wasn’t available to help at Grade 8 day but want to join in on the fun at the September orientation for Grade 9's, sign up today in People Place.

Ø    Good morning Hawks! Exams are upon us – please be sure that you have reviewed your exam schedule and know the dates, and times and locations for your exams.

Some important exam reminders:

–                    Grade 12 exams begin today. These exams will be written in upper A hall classrooms. We ask, please, that only students with lockers or classes in upper A be in the area and only when necessary. Students travelling in the hallways in upper A are asked to please be quiet while exams are taking place. As a result of exams going on over the lunch hour, upper A will be closed for lunch today and tomorrow. Students with lockers in upper A can access their lockers briefly at the beginning and end of lunch.

–                    Grade 12 students with exams today should be sure to be at their exam location 10 minutes before the exam start times of 9mam ad 12 pm.

–                    There will be no bells or pages today and tomorrow. Students should remain in class until dismissed by their teachers at the class end time.

–                    Exams begin on June 18 for all other grades.

–                    All grade 9 and 10 exams will be 1.5 hours and students will be permitted to leave the writing area after 1 hour/

–                    all grade 11 and 12 exams will be 2 hours and students will be permitted to leave the writing area after 1.5 hours.

–                    Students will not be permitted to leave the writing area in the last 15 minutes.

–                    If you leave an exam early you are expected to go directly to the cafeteria or the library.

–                    You are not allowed o be in the hallways during the exam time.

–                    Students are reminded to ensure that they clean out their lockers and remove locks on the day of their last exam. Locks and content will be removed starting on June 24th.

–                    Please ensure that all textbooks and library books are returned to the library ASAP but as soon as done your final exam.


Cafeteria Specials for Today

Ø    Tortellini with Rosé Sauce

Ø    Pizza Pocket

Fun Fact of the Day

Ø    At one point Nunavut had polar bear shaped license plates.

That’s all for today Hawks, you stay golden!

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